Sunday, December 8, 2013



What Would Lou Ferrigno Do?  He'd give it 110%.

For anyone who watched him as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, you understand that when Lou gives it his all it equals 110%, not 100% like the rest of us.

Seriously, I'm a big fan of Lou.  He triumphed over his hearing impairment.  I've admired his achievements throughout his career as a bodybuilder and "actor." I mean, he is The Hulk so that's not acting, right?  He's also got a great ability to laugh at himself (and I hope this, because I don't want to make him angry!)

Anyway, I've recently adopted WWLFD as my new instant motivation tool when I feel like slacking off.  It originated accidentally and humorously while I was trying to provide some inspiring words for my brother.  Afterwards, I recognized it had value in it's simplicity. So now I get myself re-focused and amuse myself at the same time!

So the next time the going gets tough and you feel like getting lazy...WWLFD.  Lou and I expect nothing short of 110%.

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