Sunday, September 2, 2012

Monkey Prerogative

I thought I'd start slowly today and attempt to describe what you might expect from this blog.  Honestly, I'm not entirely sure yet.  I'm just one monkey.  In the jungle, one monkey or what he thinks doesn't count for all that much.  But if he manages to not get eaten by a lion, then he gets to keep on thinking, or in my case, writing.

For the most part, I'll aim to keep my opinions monkey-like.  In other words, I'll try to tackle complicated situations with ease, display sparkling wit, and hold on to the branches tightly, all while swinging from tree to tree in the range of topics I cover.  I hope I don't get too serious but I'm very much a serious monkey so I can't make any promises.  Monkeys are unpredictable.  In that vein, the predictability of posting will not likely follow any specific schedule.  I can't be swinging through the trees constantly because even a monkey needs to relax and eat a banana from time to time.  So I'm hopeful that I'll have some Guest Monkeys who'd occasionally like to swing by and share their experiences in the jungle.

Got a topic you'd like to see me explore?  Shoot me an email with your suggestion.  It's time for a banana now and if the lions don't get me, I'll be back to share some more thoughts soon.

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